Georgia and I agreed to put one of our dreams to reality – building a mountain home in the trees. We had many concerns; some were mere nervousness and others a bit frightening. This was our first construction process. "If I could do it over again" discussions with friends ranged from "best experience in our life" to "that's part of the reason we reside in different time zones." That was 2005. Fast forward to today, when people ask me if I could do it over again, I tell them that I am most grateful to the people who helped us design and build our home, that I'd absolutely work with Robert Gurnea again. Whether you've gone through the construction/major improvement process before, or are a rookie like me, please consider Robert's key attributes:

Integrity: As one of the most important attributes, wouldn't this world be a lot better place if more people did what they said they were going to do (or ought to do)? I learned to trust Robert early in the planning process, and that trust grew through the construction process. I appreciate that he took us on as clients. Robert had a detailed schedule, helped us navigate decisions, and finished on time and within budget. Of course, there were a couple of "surprises" that arose, and Robert handled them professionally and kept things on track. When you hire Robert, you hire his team, and his preferred subcontractors. I felt comfortable and confident with them all…the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Expertise: I appreciate solid work and fine craftsmanship. Robert and his team did a beautiful job. I enjoyed the many "Brian, check out what we did here…" conversations throughout the building process and his advice on selections. I enjoy the pleasure of admiring the details of a beautiful home well done.

Care: Robert's kindness rubs off on his team. From remembering 'forgotten' conversations "…boy it'd be nice if the garage was painted in a buckskin tone," to maintaining a secure and safe workplace, to managing the bumps in the road of building, I always felt he cared about us and those he works with.

Fair: Life's curly, and there will always be 'surprises.' Robert negotiated business and personal issues in a manner that was fair to all concerned. I like his straight arrow, fair and reasonable style.

Robert is a good person who is confident and skilled in his deliverables, an asset to both the building trade and building dreams. I wish you a wonderful journey, and as rewarding a friendship as we've enjoyed with Robert. I'm grateful to have met Robert, and thankful for the peace he has brought to our family.
-Cordially, Brian Loy