Robert is a rare human being in his commitment to quality, honesty and hard work. He is a joy to work with and is direct and succinct in his communications, attributes that made our extensive renovation a pleasant experience. Robert holds himself, his employees and his subcontractors to the highest standards in terms of quality, conduct and accountability.

We lived in our home throughout the eight months of work, a project that impacted EVERY room in the house and every outdoor space and facade. As I work mostly from home, Robert’s crew had to build and rebuild makeshift offices for me as the project shifted within the house. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with Robert’s crew in our home. The workers were clean, respectful and good humored. A no-smoking policy was strictly enforced on the property and the crew thoroughly cleaned up the worksite at the end of every day. They were kind to the kids and dogs. Whenever there were concerns from neighbors, Robert handled them immediately by going out of his way to establish good relationships with them. I never had to ask for any of this. It is just part of how Robert does his business.

Despite the fact that we contracted directly with the pool builders, Robert insisted on reviewing all of their invoices before we paid them. In one incident regarding an invoice, Robert instructed us not to pay. He then called the pool builders directly and handled the issue. His keen eye and relentless honesty resulted in revisions that lowered the costs on the pool construction.

Robert’s knowledge of all aspects of the building process is outstanding. He renegotiated bids with the subcontractors as necessary. If he felt he wasn’t getting a good bid or that the quality of work was not up to his standards, he did the work himself. For our project, he did all of the excavation work for our front patios himself, to help with the budget. He did all of the slate work around our fireplace himself when the original sub was unable to meet the timeline. When you have someone with as much experience and talent as Robert, you can feel secure that if a subcontractor falls through, Robert can literally pick up the job and do it himself.

While focused on keeping costs down, we also strived to be as green as possible. Robert kept a keen eye on costs throughout the process and continuously updated us on them. He let us know if our decisions were driving up the costs or were wasteful. He worked closely with the designer and architect to ensure they were keeping costs under control and staying as green as possible in terms of design and materials.

Robert’s crew deconstructed our bathrooms instead of demolishing them. The vanities and fixtures were reused where possible and otherwise donated to Habitat for Humanity. As much of the carpet and other materials as possible were also donated to Habitat for Humanity. He reused all of the old 2 x 4s from the deconstruction, saving both money and trees. This type of knowledge and commitment was essential in our project.

We were completely confident in Robert’s ability to handle our requests. He has incredibly good taste and invaluable knowledge. This is reflected in his entire crew and in every aspect of his business. We cannot recommend him highly enough.
-Kristen and Peter Althausen, Reno, NV